With all the emphasis on green building techniques these days, it’s time to start thinking more carefully when selecting the materials to build a new home. Investing the time and money upfront can not only save resources later on, but dramatically decrease your carbon footprint on the world. This is why longevity should be the main factor when selecting the right products for each part of your new home. We used a paving contractor Queens to create a walkway from our front yard to our backyard and it looks beautiful.

The choices you make now will influence how your new home performs over its entire lifetime. Take hardwood floors, for example. When hardwood floors are maintained properly, they can last for hundreds of years. Compare that to carpets that get full of dust, mildew, and pet stains within just a few decades. Those rugs are then thrown into a landfill and more carpets must be made. It’s an easy choice, really, when you sit down and think about it.

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Masonry is another factor you should consider when building a home that will still be standing for generations to come. Bricks and stone can last for centuries, while wood becomes rotten, pest-ridden, and weather-beaten within just a few years. Again, it’s an easy choice when putting the health of your home and the environment first.

One of the most important things to think about when planning to build is your home’s energy consumption. This is when alternative energy sources, insulation, roofing, fans, air filters, and the most efficient furnaces and air conditioners become key. These factors will greatly determine the carbon footprint of your home for the rest of its existence.

We encourage you to first think about posterity when building your new home. Even if you don’t have children, you will be passing down your home to the next generation. The way you choose your resources will decide whether you leave a beautiful home to the world or a lumpy landfill.

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